About Us

NewChurchNet LogoThe NewChurch Network is an emerging collaborative partnership of church planting leaders, ministries & networks whose shared mission is to initiate church planting movements throughout North America. To this end, we actively develop shared strategies, deploy resources, and cooperate to support and care for church planting teams. Current NewChurch Network partners represent the Independent Christian Churches, Churches of Christ, or other like-minded congregations.

Our purpose is to plant more, healthier churches. The values that bind us together are:

  • Kingdom: it’s not about us – it’s about Jesus! We engage in projects and activities that may not apparently advance our own regional agendas because we’re about an agenda far bigger than our own regional interests.
  • Dependence: we engage in risk-taking ventures in full dependence on our Trinitarian God.
  • Urgency: Lost people matter to God… and they matter to us!
  • Initiative: We live by a simple motto… “When in doubt – Just Lead!” We “go with the goers!”
  • Flexibility: we experiment, innovate, and support those who do likewise because we believe there’s got to be a better way forward than the ways we’ve already found!
  • Generosity: we share resources without thought of return. When able, we partner and mutually assist one another even when it requires sacrifice.
  • Systems: we are committed to proven and reproducible church-planting systems (pre-assessment screening, formal assessment, training, coaching, mentoring, legal and financial incorporation, and networking.)
  • Open Source Leadership: Everyone leads for the good of everyone on the basis of everyone’s shared vision and values. Network partners practice “Dandelion” leadership… we hold onto things loosely and send out our DNA with every gift we give away.

For more information contact Phil Claycomb or George Johnston.